Kristo Baly - is a composer, singer, and songwriter who works in genres from Ambient, Lounge, and Jazz to Indie, Dramatic, World, Ethnic, and many more. His music has been used in numerous TV series, Movies, soundtracks, and stage productions in the US, Europe and in advertising for Santander Bank and others. Kristo's music is fused into an inseparable part of the artistic process, creating insightful and spectacular pieces.
Vladimir Kaceanov - composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, sound design. During his active musical career, he developed his own individual technique, his own means of artistic expression through music. His music makes underlying context bold, direct and emotionally memorable. A trendy Independent artist from Denmark, he creates original music for films, TV, games, multimedia, and performs as live and studio musician.
Bo Hedensted - drums, percussion, programming, keyboards.
Alexandr Lobanov - bass, contrabass.